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Natural Dye Kit

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So much fun! Learn to dye your own fabrics and yarn with natural ingredients. This kit gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction into the vast and varied world of natural dyes.

We love this kit to play around with dyeing our white clothing, tote bags, yarn for weaving + knitting, or anything you can think of!

Includes the ingredients to dye around 4 metres of lightweight fabric, or around 600g of yarn, in light to medium shades of pink, orange, yellow and purple. The dyes can only be used to dye natural fibres, like cotton, wool, or silk.

The kit includes logwood chips (haematoxylon campechianum), which yield gorgeous soft purples, osage sawdust (maclura pomifera) for yellow, ground madder root (rubia tinctoria) for lovely peachy orange shades, and cochineal (dactylopius coccus) for pink. Alum is also included, used to make the dyes colourfast. 

Comprehensive instructions in the kit will take you through the step by step process of preparing your fibres and dyeing with these dried dyestuffs.


Contents:  90 g alum, 30g gallnut, 15g logwood, 15g osage, 15g madder, 7g cochineal

Handmade by Julie in Toronto.