Léa Maupetit

299 Dogs (and a Cat!) Puzzle

Contrary to what pop culture would have us believe, cats and dogs can be the best of friends. Just look at the fine feline in this puzzle—it simply loves hanging out with 299 of its closest canine buddies and is definitely not silently annoyed! Anyway, this is a cluster puzzle, which means the pieces are all cut into irregular shapes. If you’re thinking that makes it more difficult than the classic jigsaw variety—don’t worry, it does. Thankfully, this comes with square framing pieces to help speed things up. Give this to the dog lover in your life and they’ll be happier than…the cat

With charming illustrations by Léa Maupetit, this is a jigsaw with a twist: no two shapes are the same, and each piece is a cat. A great game for avid puzzlers, families, kids and pet lovers it will provide hours of maddening fun!


10.75" x 10.9"


300 piece puzzle.