Hudson + Oak

Large Coastal Blue Planter

  • $150.00

This coastal blue tone is the most beautiful muted blue. It's in between robins egg and tiffany blue, but light and matte. We love how it pairs with the green of large ferns. Fits a 10" plant.

Hudson + Oak planters are lovingly hand painted in Vancouver, Canada. Each planter is painted to order using water-based paint (yay, environment!). Due to the artisanal painting of the planters, no two planters will be the same, making your new planter one of a kind. 

Material + Info
Hudson + Oak planters are not made of the traditional terracotta/clay/ceramic material. They found a custom sourced fibreglass compound that is the same material used in components of cars, kayaks and boats, hence why they are lightweight! We chose this material because of its characteristics of being durable (rated for -20 C/-4 F), its nonporous properties and it being overall a high-quality material. Our planters are thick-walled and finished in outdoor durable paint, so they can used both outdoors and indoors!

The planters are 1/3 lighter in weight than your traditional clay/terracotta planters, are extremely durable (resistant to corrosion, moisture + extreme temps), frost + scratch resistant and reduce water evaporation. 

Internal dimensions: 10" d x 10" w x 11.5" h
External dimensions:12" d x 12" w x 12" h