LEKKO Life Goods

Linen Bento Bags

  • $15.00

Linen Bento Bag for a simplified, low-impact living. We want to live life lightly, keeping our impact on the planet low without sacrificing aesthetics. Linen is a natural and easily biodegradable fabric which brings a practical, everyday luxury to the design.


Inspired by Japanese design, this bento bag is a beautiful way to carry items in your life, from snacks for your little one, jewelry, to loose coins. Anything that you don't want knocking about in your backpack or tote bag can be safely and beautifully put away into a bento bag.

  • Approximately W 6" x H 7" and 3.5" from bottom to "V"


Inspired by the Japanese Bento Bag design, there are no cords, strings, just high quality linen. Ideal for keeping artisan bread fresh but the crust crispy, and made to be the centrepiece of a casually perfect breakfast spread or other gathering. Use this linen bag to tote around anything, from freshly baked goods, to ripe apples, or even to keep your clothes organized in your suitcase. Let's live a little lighter, and embrace a reusable, waste-free lifestyle where our daily staples are intentionally chosen and are easy on the planet once we are through with using them.

  • Approximately W12"x H14", 8" from the bottom to the "V". Should fit most artisan loaves.