The Wolf + The Hawk

Moon Rising Incense Kit

  • $30.00

6 intuitively chosen incense sticks make up this Moon Rising Incense Kit.

  • Moondance (patchouli + lavender  + organic honey)
  • Take It Easy (cedar needle + sweetgrass + tonka bean)
  • Oh, You Purdy Things (warm mulling spices + orange)
  • Forever in Blue Jeans (sandalwood + ylang ylang + champaka + vanilla bean)
  • Spirit Walker (palo santo + myrrh + rose)
  • Fly Like an Eagle (vetiver root + lemon rind + crown resin)

 For a truly clean burn, these incense are all- natural containing no chemicals or toxins. For the cleansing and spiritual aspects of smudging, with some of the aromatic qualities of an incense, these incense are not perfume-y or overwhelming. For the smudging aspect, there is some white sage, cedar, sweet grass, mullein or hyssop contained in the incense--which dispels negative energy and cleanses the space, pulling in love and positivity.

Handmade by Devon, from London, Ontario. She cuts, drys and grinds most of the ingredients in the incense and the wood powder base of the incense is from fallen trees or recycled wood sawdust from local mills. Before she makes the incense, she meditates and sets her intentions.