Kathryn Davey

Natural Dyeing | Learn How to Create Colour and Dye Textiles Naturally

For anyone interested in the process of natural dyeing or curious about how to extract colour from plants, this book will walk you through the process from start to finish. Natural Dyeing reveals the endless possibilities of plant-based dyes and how they will inspire you for years to come.

Natural Dyeing explores the versatility of plant-based dyes, from understanding, choosing and preparing your fibre for dyeing to foraging for your dyes and the different dyeing methods used. Whether you are interested in working with cotton, linen or wool, this book will show you how to move through the process & achieve beautiful results from your efforts. 

Natural Dyeing inspires you to experiment with natural dyes to give old garments a new lease of life, to create beautiful tablecloths and napkins from offcuts of linen or add natural colour to the textiles in your home or wardrobe.