Incense Republic

Organic Incense

  • $14.50

Vegan + Eco-Friendly + Organic! 

These hand-dipped incense offer complex scents, natural ingredients, aromatic perfume, and not a hint of cheap chemical smell! Each pack comes with 20 incense sticks that are packaged in a recyclable sleeve, keeping the sticks smelling awesome.

Burn-time: 45-60 mins per stick. 

Organic Mint: Fresh, sweet and minty! Surround your space with these relaxing and soothing mint scented incense sticks.   

Organic Patchouli: Patchouli is perfect for that natural earthy scent reminiscent of a warm Summers day. Like the feeling of true serenity these sticks are warm, cozy and welcoming. 

Organic Rosemary: Love the feeling of a calm and serene space? This incense can be described as gentle, lush and relaxing. This historical perfume delivers an immense amount of healing for your mind and mood.  

Handmade in Toronto, Ontario.