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Strawflower Seed Mix

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Grow your own flowers! A playful mix of strawflowers:

Sultane Strawflower Mix

Xerochrysum bracteatum. This mixed strawflower blend is selected for uniform growth and uniform flowering, so it's ideal for flower arrangements both fresh and dried. Sultane strawflower seeds produce a bright and festive looking range of flowers in copper-red, orange, yellow, pink, salmon, and white. The stems are tall and straight, and perfect for cutting. As dried flowers, they keep their colour and crisp nature better than most. In the garden, strawflowers are highly attractive to wild and domestic bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and other beneficial insects. Sultane grows to about 90-100cm (36-40") tall. To dry strawflowers, simply gather them in small bunches and hang upside down indoors in an airy room away from direct sunlight. Once dry, these will last for months.