Good Grief

Herbal Smoking Blend

  • $14.00

For an all-natural, enhanced smoking experience! These blends are designed to be mixed with cannabis and enjoyed. Comes in two blends, packaged in a resealable, biodegradable pouch.

Herbs are organic and sustainably sourced. Does not contain cannabis, tobacco, or nicotine.


(new!) Harvest Moon: For deep conversations in dark autumn nights. The moon (forever a muse) is the inspiration for this hypnotic blend, a steady glow through the never-ending cycle of growth, death and re-birth. Gentle on the lungs, with notes of musk + citrus. (Ingredients: hops, mullein, marsh-mellow leaf, honey, chamomile, lemon balm)

(new!) Easy: Consider this smooth smoke a gentle reminder to take it easy! An uplifting blend. (Ingredients: red raspberry, mint, sage, catnip + honey) 

Smug: To heighten your sense of being. This earthy blend will soothe your inner critic. Sensual herbs like rose and damiana are known to boost mood and libido. Supports intuition and self-compassion. (Ingredients: rose, red raspberry, peppermint, damiana, mugwort, honey)

Space Cadet: For the pleasure-seeking, space adventurer. With notes of lavender and lemon, this sweet blend will leave you floating in zero gravity. Enhances dreams and creativity. Ingredients: (Ingredients: rose, red raspberry, lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, damiana, honey)

Made by Lorri in Toronto.