Bobby Zielinski and Sophie Kaftal

Kitten and the Bear Cookbook: Recipes for Small Batch Preserves, Scones, and Sweets from the Beloved Shop

Artisanal jam makers and founders of the celebrated shop Kitten and the Bear offer over 90 recipes to create your own sweet world of preserves and baked goods.

Inspired by turn-of-the-century American apothecaries, farmhouse living of the northern East Coast, and intimate British tea rooms, Kitten and the Bear is beloved for its cozy feeling of nostalgia, blue-ribbon collection of signature scones, and hand-crafted, small batch fruit preserves made using time-honoured cooking methods.

Sophie and Bobby, artisanal jam makers and co-founders of Kitten and the Bear, share a heart-warming collection of over 90 recipes to create your own sweet world of glistening jars of jams, jellies, and marmalades, and homespun delights from flaky buttermilk scone sand traditional spreads to savoury treats and hand-crafted drinks. Full of magical flavours and the comfort of home, the recipes range from Strawberry, Raspberry, and Cream Jam; Sunshine Peach Jam; Pink Apple and Lilac Blossom Jelly; Lemon Cream Marmalade; Morning Glory Scones; Blueberry Crumble Scones; and Orange Blossom Angel Food Cake with Fresh Peaches; to Savoury Cheese Sables with Cranberries and Walnuts; Clotted Cream and Potato Quiche; Lavender London Cream; and Baked Apple Toddy. Refined yet understated, the recipes in the Kitten and the Bear Cookbook were written to create homemade delights using easily accessible ingredients and equipment you already have in your pantry, while offering a thorough lesson in jam making theory and the art of preserving.

Embracing the fairy-tale spirit, tradition, and sweet world of Kitten and the Bear, the recipes deliver delicious preserves and baked goods to share and enjoy everyday moments with family and friends.
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