Apt. 6 Skin Co

Shower Steamers

These essential oil infused shower steamers are AMAZING!!!!! Before you get into the shower, put one of the shower steamers on the tub floor or on the ledge. The steam from the shower will release the essential oils! Depending on the length of your shower, each tablet can be used 1-2 times. 

Each pouch contains 6 tablets. 

Lavender + Bergamot: relax + refresh 

Eucalyptus + Mint: awaken + cleanse (this is great alternative to eucalyptus in the shower)

Relax your body and mind before bed or after a long day at work with the gentle scent of lavender and bergamot. Each pouch contains 7 tablets.   

Made in Stratford, Ont. 

  • $26.00