Heddi Nieuwsma

Sweet & Swiss: Delicious and Easy Desserts from the Heart of Europe

A culinary journey of Switzerland in 45 irresistible desserts

Gold Medal, Swiss Gourmet Award

Sweet Switzerland is irresistible and Sweet & Swiss brings together 45 recipes for cakes, pastries, tarts, breads, and more, from author Heddi Nieuwsma, an American living in Switzerland. With beautiful photos and highlights from all four linguistic regions—German, Italian, French and Romansh—this book discovers a delicious melting pot of culinary influences. Learn how to make candied walnuts with a spiced sandalwood sugar, provocative jammy rolls, a “salty” yeasted cake, and more. In addition, a journey to five renowned Swiss restaurants—an alpine hotel, a plant-based restaurant, Michelin-starred dining, a historic chalet and an island grotto—reveals some extra-special creations, and takes readers on a tour of Switzerland’s landscape and culture. Some recipes are classic takes on world-famous alpine desserts, while many others are little known beyond this spectacular alpine country.

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