Sandalwood Smoke Incense

Handmade in British Columbia, these incense are made from pressed wood and infused in-house using a blend of premium essential oils. 

Phthalate-free fine fragrance, and dipropylene glycol, a synthetic base commonly found in body care and home fragrance products. 

SCENT NOTES: Lemon, Ocean, Driftwood, Juniper, Lavender

SYNOPSIS: A bright lemon-forward scent inspired by the ocean. Bright notes of lemon peel are juxtaposed against natural smoke in our tribute to sunbeams and sparkling, salt-tinged ocean air. Heavily inspired by summer magic, this incense's bright notes are rounded out by a base of green grass, vetiver, juniper, and the slightest touch of vanilla. Think magic hour, think the sound of waves, think the feeling of breezy warm atmosphere. This is a mood worth chasing. Clean, invigorating, effervescent.

20 sticks, each 1 hour burn. 


  • $29.00