Tobacco Wild Rose Incense

Handmade in British Columbia, these incense are made from pressed wood and infused in-house using a blend of premium essential oils. 

Phthalate-free fine fragrance, and dipropylene glycol, a synthetic base commonly found in body care and home fragrance products. 

SCENT NOTES: Black Pepper, Tobacco Leaves, Teakwood, Vanilla, Honey

SYNOPSIS: An alluring blend of vanilla, rose, fresh tobacco leaves, and natural smoke. An unbridled love affair between fresh tobacco and vanilla noir. Tobacco Wild Rose is a reimagining of iconic romantic indulgence. Rich vanilla swirls with tobacco leaves and flirtatious red rose, culminating in a scent that’s dark, sensual, luxurious, and brimming with desire. The alluring combination of creamy vanilla and heavenly incense smoke makes for a combination unlike anything else. Dripping in black pepper, teakwood, and red rose.

20 sticks, each 1 hour burn. 


  • $30.00